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LF for Signatures

Hello Ladies,
I am creating a podcast guild for Girls gone WoW on Argent Dawn EU on the hordeside. 
We've finally picked the winner of the competition and the Guild will be named <Ashes of Man>
I am in desperate need for a few signatures though. Could you help me out?
Server/realm: Argent Dawn EU
Starting area: Orc
Your char: Aliskayla (goblin on the pony)
How long will you be on: for a while
Guidname: Ashes of Man
Thank you so much! 
Hi there, my name is Sil. I’m 28 years old, though I’ve been told I don’t act like it. True, I have no intention of growing up soon. There’s plenty of time to do that later.

I would like to call myself a geek. I love video-games, tabletop rpg’s, writing fan-fiction or just writing stories and I want to start drawing again.

I love cats and until a few years ago, I seriously thought I would end up as a crazy cat lady. Then I met my husband and I’ve only had one cat now.  Puck, or Mr Pucklesworth as we call him at times. He’s not living with us at the moment, since we’re not allowed to have cats in this flat. And it’s so small that I would find it cruel to keep him here. When we move and get a house with a garden he’s coming over to the UK. For now, he’s staying with my parents in Spain, enjoying their garden, the bugs and the sun.

This journal will contain a lot of stuff about World of Warcraft and other geekiness: I’m just warning you now!!


Wow historyCollapse )


About this journal:

It will mostly contain things I experienced in WoW, some news things I’ve read, my levelling updates, screenshots and I even want to start drawing again and posting it here. I used to be ok at drawing, but I stopped and after 8 years, I think it is time to take it up again. It will be hard and painful , since I’m always too picky about my own work and I know that I need to practice a lot. But as soon as I am comfortable with posting my work I will. I’ll also post some ic stories from my characters and their bio’s. Instead of shelving Oronil completly I will use her for some art and stories. Sarabi will also be in stories.

I’m a ranter, I love ranting, qq-ing, being a bitch, and just whine about things. If you can’t stand that, then I don’t think you should read my blog.

I can be very blunt and since I’m a Dutchie I find it easy to talk about certain topics like sex and other things that make some people shy away. Again, if you can’t handle that, then don’t read.

And that’s basically it.

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